Koomi company group is an emerging comprehensive catering organization, committed to introducing excellent international catering brands into the Australian market so that more Australian residents can enjoy international food and understand diverse catering culture.
Headquartered in Sydney, the Company has branches covering Operation and Training Base, Marketing Promotion, Direct Store Operation, Project R&D, and Sino-Australia Logistics Company, etc. Since its establishment, the Company has adopted diversified forms of service, taken customers' success as its supreme purpose and upheld customer-oriented attitude. Through the six-in-one service mode integrating product research and development, brand building, cost management, communication and promotion, operation management, and planning and packaging, it has helped every restaurant entrepreneur to succeed, upgrade the operation and develop continuously to achieve successful entrepreneurship.
Natural and Healthy. Popular with Masses

Yoghurt is healthy and delicious. It benefits intestinal digestion, health and beauty. It has many advantages and numerous audience.

New Products. Excellent Taste

The brand is featured by yoghurt, adopts the addition of different fruits, and innovatively add purple rice, enriching the taste of drinks and bringing consumers different taste experience.

Theme Store. Clear Style

Cow themed stores with natural fresh style are conspicuous and unforgettable among other brands, and their good looking enables consumers to naturally accept and integrate into situational consumption.

Marketing Promotion of Innovative Ideas

Interactive games suitable for all ages will be launched in every season, thus increasing intimacy with customers in the games, and enabling customers to have a childhood-like happy and comfortable feeling in koomi.

Easy to Operate Without Waiting

The products are characterized by fast production, simple operation, precise research formula, quick familiarity, various kinds, and suitability for consumers in various fields to increase turnover.

Prospective Development of Yoghurt Beverage Market

People pay more and more attention to healthy consumption. Yoghurt, as a health drink, is favored by consumers and has a huge mass base. koomi has unique brand cooperation mode with high market competitivene

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